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We believe that sport has always been an important part of our life in Murrayville and is one of the main social fabrics that keeps our community together. The following clubs rely heavily on the work of volunteers to give our residents a favourite pastime to play all throughout the year.

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Murray Village Soccer Club

Fortis per Accommodatio (strength through flexibility).

Contact Person: Nic Finn or Kym Kingdon
Mobile Number: 0407 343 405

Murray Village Soccer Club (Est' 2011) meets on Wednesdays at 4pm and Sundays at 3pm at Reed street Murrayville during the winter season which runs from April to August. Any exceptions to this will be publicised by a post to the clubs facebook page: Murrayvillage (all one word) Soccer Club. The club philosophy is based on the traditional Sunday kick-around where everyone who turns up is in the team. Team numbers will vary according to how many people appear on the day. Over the course of the season players compete for individual honours (Champions, Golden Boot, Golden Gloves). The highest placed players at the conclusion of the minor rounds are designated as Captains for the finals and will create their squads by drafting eligible players from the remaining player pool. Rule 1. Everyone who turns up (on time) will get a game. Rule 2. No Fees. No Registration. No Barriers. So if you are in town for the afternoon or if you are a local yearning to play the beautiful game, come up to the ground and we'll find you a shirt.

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